• jQuery UI 1.8a1 – Richard D. Worth announces the first preview release of JQuery UI 1.8 bringing the usual bugfixes and three new plugins, one for positioning, one for ensuring the things on the top stay on the top and one for managing zindex


  • Array Bounds Check Elimination in the CLR – Dave Detlefs talks about array bounds checks in managed code, and looks at some of the techniques which allow managed code to not do this seemingly vital set of performance impacting checks.
  • 15 Free Computer Science Courses Online – Alfred Thompson highlights 15 free computer science courses from a wide range of sources covering topics from mathematics, network security, through to working with robots
  • Assert.True is the tool of last resort – Ayende makes a very good point about how Assert.True is a very unexpressive assert in that it gives little or no information should the assert fail in a test run.
  • Linq to Mocks is finally born – Daniel Cazzulino talks about a recent development in Moq which truely brings Linq to Mocks into being, with early beta releases availabel now if you wish to try it out.
  • Fun With Wacky JavaScript Type Comparison – Nick Berardi takes a look at some of the slightly strange comparisons that are possible in Javascript due to type coercion and conversion
  • Javascript – understanding scope – Luis Abreu takes a look at how scoping works in JavaScript. Also well worth checking out some of his previous posts on JQuery – there are quite a lot covering a good range of features.
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding : Four switch oddities – Eric Lippert takes a look at 4 things about the switch statement in C# you may be unaware of, or confused by, along with providing the reasoning behind some of them.
  • Testing with NHibernate and SQLite – Krzysztof Kozmic takes a look at testing NHibernate using SQLite as a database for the testing, along with providing an abstract base class for NHibernate tests
  • xUnit Browser Attribute – Run Cross-Browser WatiN tests effortlessly – Ben Hall shows how you can utilise the extensibility of the xUnit.Net testing framework to make it so that you don’t have to duplicate your test logic to test across multiple browsers when using xUnit.Net powered WatiN tests
  • How-To: Using the N* Stack, part 3 – Jason Dentler continues his series looking at the N* alternative .NET technology stack. In this part he looks at the configuration of NHibernate, and the mapping of the classes from class to database.
  • Six things that will happen when you uninstall your MSDN documentation – Roy Osherove talks about the outcomes of removing the MSDN documentation – I have to agree with a lot of what Roy says here, I’m fed up of waiting while the documentation updates, etc and have also contemplated doing this.
  • What’s in Your Collection? Part 1 of 3: Interfaces – Jeremy Likness begins a series on collections with a look at the interfaces that make up the collection classes in this Code Project article series.