• Siesta: Painless REST via ASP.NET MVC – Nate Kohari announces the release of Siesta, the rest based parts of his Zen API. This is an open source release, which is intended to show you how you can work in this manor and how you can implement thios style of working in your own applications
  • MVP Releases Silverlight Database Diagram Widget – Jas Dhaliwal highlights a Silverlight Database Scheme Viewer project from Braulio Diez Botella a Málaga based MVP. Full source and Binary release available, licensed as MS-PL


  • A Walkthrough of Dynamically Compiling C# code – Saveen Reddy runs through the process of dynamically compiling C# code at runtime using the framework CodeDom and CSharpCodeProvider, and looking at adding references to external code, and the different types of output (EXE, DLL) that can be created
  • RunAs in C# – Eugene Rosenfeld shows how you can implement ‘RunAs’ functionality from within your C# code allowing you to switch user contexts at runtime to perform C# operations
  • C# 4’s Dynamic in Mono – Miguel de Icaza talks about the Mono 4 implementation of the C# Dynamic keyword, and shows an early implementation in use.
  • Statement Trees With Less Pain – Follow-Up on System.Linq.Expressions v4.0 – Bart De Smet continues his exploration of System.Linq.Expressions in V4 of the framework with a look at some of the language level support for statement trees
  • Embedding Python Scripts in C# Applications – Harry Pierson continues his look at combining C# and IronPython to create a hybrid application. This part looks at running the Python content from C# using the IronPython hosting environment.
  • How-To: Using the N* stack, part 1 – Jason Dentler starts a series of posts looking at getting started with the N* alternative .NET frameworks as a part of an ASP.NET MVC Project. This first part looks at setting up the solution with the correct references, and How-To: Using the N* Stack, part 2 starts looking at a sample application model and how you can make it NHibernate friendly
  • Quick look at STM.NET performance – Pawel Pabich takes a look at the performance of the Software Transaction Memory sample release comparing it to traditional locking.
  • Improvements to Interop Marshaling in V4: IL Stubs Everywhere – Jesse Kaplan of the CLR Team talks about some of the work the team have been doing on Interop Marshalling in V4 of the framework, making the move to consistent use of IL Stubs which should increase performance and ease debugging
  • Using Ninject 2 with ASP.NET MVC – Kevin Rohrbaugh looks at how you can wire up ASP.NET MVC Applications using the Ninject DI/IOC container


  • Presentation Patterns on Virtual ALT.Net – Jeremy D. Miller will be speaking at the Virtual Alt.Net event for North America this evening on separated presentation patterns. Unfortunately, unless you are a real night owl in the UK/Europe this will be rather on the late side (starting at around 1am if my calculations are correct)