Another post milestone, the 400th edition of the Morning Brew! Now looking forward to the significant 500 post milestone 🙂


  • Announcing PostSharp 1.5 RTM and PostSharp 1.0 SP2 – The PostSharp team announce the release of PostSharp 1.5 RTM, with the RTM containing a couple of bugfixes over the RC. This alos signifies the end for PostSharp 1.0, with the release of SP2 this ends the V1.0 line.
  • T4MVC 2.4 updates: settings file, sub view folders, ActionName support and more – David Ebbo unleashes version 2.4 of his ASP.NET MVC T4 Templates, which includes a number of new features, and some bugfixes over the previously publicised 2.2 release. Significant new features include separate settings file, support for Views in sub folders, support for moving the master T4MVC template outside the web root, and a whole bunch more
  • Subtext Security Issue and Patch – Phil Haack shares the details of how to fix a security vulnerability in the SubText blog engine, along with a complete release which includes the fix.


  • Spark output caching – Louis DeJardin talks about the new caching features of the Spark View Engine, influenced by Phil Haack’s discussions of donut caching
  • Code Contracts – Melitta Andersen talks about the .NET 4 Code Contracts feature giving a nice overview of the functionality in this article for the August edition of MSDN Magazine
  • Sending List of Complex objects to Sql server 2005 and persisting it in the database – Aashish takes a look at sending complex objects to the database for persistence by using XML serialisation to convert the object to XML and using the SQL server XML functions to retrieve the data in the stored procedure. Sample code is provided
  • DDD and Code ReUse – Jérémie Chassaing continues the discussion started by Udi Dahan on code reuse, with a look at the types of reuse, focusing heavily on application code reuse and talking about how a Service bus can help bring together bounded contexts
  • My ideal IDE – Jimmy Bogard talks about his dream IDE looking at the types of features the IDE would have such as multi monitor support, full keyboard operation (no need for a mouse) and a lack of designers and wizards
  • SQL Server 2005 – Fast Running Totals solution with ordered CTE update? – Mladen Prajdi? takes a look at how Common Table Expressions (CTE) can help with one of the oldest problems in SQL, running totals
  • Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 13: The New Class Library Project – Brad Abrams continues his RIA/Silverlight 3 series with a look at bringing some separation of concerns to his project structure, breaking the various parts apart and looking at the new RIA class library project type
  • Free eBook – – Joe Stagner highlights a new e-Book by Chris Heilmann of Yahoo about the role of a Developer Evangelist, an interesting read if you fancy a career in this direction, or work for a company which produces technology for techies
  • Writing iPhone Sites with ASP.NET MVC – Chris over at FlipBit shares some ASP.NET MVC filters which enable you to serve special views to iPhone users of your website
  • Pay Attention to the Foreach Implicit Casting – A level 100 article on something which can possibly catch you out to do with the implicit casting which occurs when you spin through a collection using for each
  • Incremental Delivery and Continuous Design – Jeremy D. Miller talks about, and provides some additional links on the subject of Incremental Delivery and Continuous Design, the topic for his MSDN Magazine article for August
  • RIA Services With Silverlight 3 – Part 1 – Faisal Khan starts a new series of posts over at dotnetslackers on the Silverlight 3 and RIA Services


  • Webinar: Driving unit testing in the organization – Roy Osherove and Gil Zilberfeld of TypeMock are running free webinar on a introducing and improving Testing in your organisation, to be held at two time slots tomorrow, allowing attendees from most timezones to attend. UPDATE: This is actually today, I slipped a day 🙁