• STM.NET on DevLabs – Somasegar announces the availability of STM.NET an experimental enhanced version of the .NET Framework 4 beta 1 which brings Software Transactional Memory for C#, allowing you to create chunks of code that execute atomically


  • The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection – Jeff Moser digs down into what goes on when we shift to an HTTPS connection. I’m a strong believer in understanding the underling principles of the technology we use, so a good understanding of things like HTTP (And HTTPS) are important as they underpin most of what a developer deals with these days, and Jeff provides a great run through of HTTPS in this article
  • 6 Books That Should Be On Every .NET Developers Bookshelf – Charlie Chen highlights the 6 books he considers to be essentials for any .NET Dev, and I have to say I agree
  • Improving Mono’s compatibility with .NET CLR – Miguel de Icaza talks about how the Mono team improving and filling in the gaps in Mono by making use of the Test suite for Silverlight Class Libraries which Microsoft have provided to create versions of Mono which better support the DLR based languages
  • Pitfalls – Ayende talks about a specific bug in some sample code about DateTimes and starts a discussion of the common warning signs that indicate that there may be a problem in some code, and some of the common coding errors. Comments are well worth reading on this one.
  • Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 12: DataSet – Brad Abrams continues his Silverlight 3 series with a look at using entities backed onto the ADO DataSet but still using the RIA toolset to deal with paging ad validation.
  • Bugs in IE8’s Lookahead Downloader – Eric Law takes a look at one of the Internet Explorer 8 page performance enhancements, abut looks at some of the bugs and problems it can cause.
  • Multithreading in C# (with Asynchronous Delegates) – Kevin Babcock talks about the use of Aysnchronous Delegates to easily introduce multi-threading into your applications, exploring the concepts vaia real world example.
  • Log Elmah errors in Team Foundation Server – Martin Hinshelwood shows how you can integrate ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) error logging into issues in TFS
  • Iterator Blocks, Part Six: Why no unsafe code? – Eric Lippert closes out his series on Iterator blocks with a look at why you are not allowed to use unsafe code inside an iterator
  • Polling by sleeping versus polling by waiting with a timeout – Raymond Chen talks about two different strategies for having background tasks run in you application, looking at the pros and cons of them, and offering an alternative way.
  • Reading Code: Rhino Mocks – Mark Needham talks about a recent code reading session he had looking at the Rhino Mocks mocking framework, and sharing his experiences of the code reading process and a little about how Rhino Mocks works.
  • Macto, or How To Build a Prison – Ayende gives a little more background on the problem space for his forthcoming end-to-end sample application series.