• Free Ebook Developers Developers Developers Developers – Derek Hatchard highlights a free e-book of articles from Microsoft’s ‘{You Shape} It’ campaign. Covering topics such as working with brownfield code, C# features you should be using, creating installers, and much more its a worthy read
  • A simple include for ASP.NET – Bertrand Le Roy follows on from his previous post on master pages with a simple extension method which can be used in place of masterpages if you don’t require designer support
  • C# And Accepting Parameters. – ‘webdev_hb’ looks at two different ways of passing unknown numbers of parameters into your methods in this Code Project article
  • Reuse: Is the Dream Dead? – Kirk Knoernschild looks at the reasons why we arn’t getting huge re-use out of our code despite that being one of the guiding principles in development for a considerable time
  • Parallel.Invoke() vs. Explicit Task Management – Cristina Manu looks at the differences between Parallel.Invoke and using Parallel Tasks in the Parallel Extensions Framework, and looks at when you should use each
  • Building a 3-Tier App with Silverlight 3, .NET RIA Services and Azure Table Storage – Modesty Zhang writes about the creation of 3 tier applications using Silverlight and Windows Azure table storage giving a good run through of the code required