A lot of video content in today’s edition…


  • Still on the Windows 7 Beta? – John McClelland shares a timely reminder about the expiry of the Windows 7 Beta release – only a few days before it goes into 2 hour shutdown mode.
  • Velocity Administration Console – Gil Fink announces a nice little project to create a WinForms administration console for the Velocity distributed cache. I look forward to it being added to CodePlex
  • A new day for DotNetNuke, 5.1 Released – Chris Hammond highlights the release of DotNetNuke 5.1, a significant improvement over the V5.0 release which fixes all the know issues introduced as breaking changes in 5.0, along with a number of new features.


  • Enterprise Library 5.0: Some Architecture Changes – Bob Brum talks about one of the major architectural changes that the Enterprise Library team have undertaken for the V5 release
  • Vista Squad: OWASP Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities Video – Barry Dorrans highlights the availability of an extended edition of his recent UserGroup talk on security. This talks has been delivered at a few events I’ve been to, to much praise, so if you haven’t already seen it this video is worth a look
  • Three Men and a Whiteboard: Windows Azure – Eric Nelson releases the second and third ‘Three Men and a Whiteboard’ videos where Eric and the two mikes talks about specific technologies, in the case of the 3rd episode Windows Azure, and in the second edition its Windows Client Technologies. The First video on MVC was great, so I’m looking forward to watching these this evening
  • Managed Extensibility Framework: Part 1 – Sriharsha Vardhan takes an introductory look at the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) examining why you would want to use it, and how to go about it. Continued in Part2 which contains the example use
  • AjaxView, Performance Profiling of AJAX web sites | Peli at RiSE – An interesting sounding video from Channel 9 (another for me to watch tonight) where Ben Livshits and Emre Kiciman talk about the Ajax Profiling Extensions (AKA AjaxView) which enables you to profile your client side code
  • Improving performance and scalability with DDD – Gojko Adzic talks about the use of DDD in Distributed Systems, specifically the use of aggregates, looking at how they can help improve performance of your distributed system if applied correctly
  • Enumerable.Except(T) and IEqualityComparer – a little help – Arnold Matusz looks at the role of the IEqualityComparer in making Linq operators work
  • Microsoft forums – where they are? – Gunnar Peipman highlights the existence of official Microsoft forums for most Microsoft developer related technologies in this useful list.
  • Back to Basics – Trust Nothing as User Input Comes from All Over – Scott Hanselman highlights one of the most important developer related security issues with a real world example. Never trust any input that a user or external system has been involved in….ever 😉
  • NHibernate – <natural-id/> – Ayende continues his look at all the aspects of the NHibernate Mapping syntax, with a look at Natural ID which allows you to use another column in your table as in identifier for entities (such as username in his example)