• Announcing Sync Framework 2.0 CTP2 – Nina Hu of the Microsoft Sync Framework Team announces the release of their second CTP of Version 2, with a number of new features, improving support for different editions of SQL Server, better conflict management, etc
  • Download details: F# PowerPack for .NET 4.0 Beta1 – Microsoft Release the F# Powerpack for .NET 4.0 Beta 1, which contains a number of tools and libraries for F# developers, including charting and Math libraries, Lexers and Parser building tools, a bridge to LINQ, and a whole bunch more.
  • bistro f# extensions go beta! and move to codeplex – Alex P announces the release of a beta of BistroFs, an add-in for Bistro MVC which allows you rto build applications and services using F#


  • Introduction to NHibernate, pt. 7 – Ian Cooper resumes his series on NHibernate with a look at Active Record based on NHibernate, and how it relates to NHibernate in terms of mappings, session management and repositories
  • Developing Cross Platform application with MonoDevelop – Miguel de Icaza gives an update on the progress being made with MonoDevelop, which now runs under Windows where it will use the .NET framework and the .NET managed debugger
  • ASP.NET MVC Roadmap – Phil Haack and the ASP.NET MVC team outline their roadmap for the Version 2 release
  • Git For Windows Developers – Git Series – Part 2 – Jason Meridth continues his series on Git with a look at all the Git commands and what they do, along with the account setup process for GitHub
  • Why would someone put business logic in a stored procedure? – Tim Stall looks at some of the more legitimate reasons for pushing business logic down into the database, along with some of the other less legitimate reasons often given.
  • From LINQ to XPath and Back Again – K. Scott Allen looks at using extension methods to regain some of the brevity and clarity of XPath while still using Linq when working with XML documents
  • Agile acceptance testing tools roundup videos – Gojko Adzic provides video links to the sessions on Agile Acceptance Testing held at SkillsMater last week.
  • List of Microsoft training kits – Gunnar Peipman collects together links to all the current Microsoft Training Kits
  • Retrying Operations – Tony Rasa investigates a reusable way of performing operations which you expect may fail and require retrying
  • Writing Clean Code is a Process – Brendan Enrick talks about the process behind creating clean code. I especially like the ‘Boy Scout rule’, and think that, within reason, all developers should aim to achieve this by leaving the code they do work on in a better state than it was when they started