• TestDriven.Net 2.22: Support for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 – Jamie Cansdale announces the latest build of TestDriven.NET which adds in partial support for Visual Studio 2010. There have been significant changes in VS2010 which means that the command bar integration no-longer works, but shortcut keys will.
  • IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit – ScottGu announces a new set of add-ins for IIS7 which bring a number of SEO functions into the IIS Admin tool allowing you to manage robots exclusions, crawl your site looking for potential SEO problems, and build and maintain sitemaps
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit is Available! – Murray Gordon highlights the release of the Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK
  • Ra-Ajax Version 2.0.0 Released Today – Kariem Ali talks about the release of Ra-Ajax, described as a no-JavaScript Ajax library for ASP.NET, this release brings a huge array of new features, along with a shift in licensing from LGPL to full GPL


  • In-Process Side by Side (Part1) – Luiz Fernando Santos talks about a .NET 4 feature called In-Process Side-By-Side which will allow multiple versions of the .NET CLR to be loaded inside the one process. This sounds like a great feature, as I remember the problems with IIS using ASP.NET 1.1 on a server with .NET 2 also installed, and .NET based COM components trying to load .NET 2
  • How to implement "lock" with timeout? – Eric De Carufel shares some code to implement a C# style lock which has a timeout capability allowing code which may deadlock to safely stand off and retry.
  • VS2010 Tutorial: Building VS Extensions with the Beta 1 SDK – Jason Zander gives a screenshot rich run through of creating an extension for Visual Studio 2010 using the Beta 1 SDK
  • NHibernate – Beware of inadvisably applied caching strategies – Ayende talks about how bad caching settings in NHibernate can cause more performance headaches than they solve. I also think that the title of this post (minus the NHibernate) is a good general rule regarding caching
  • Fighting technical debt with the wall of pain – Jimmy Bogard talks about the concept of Technical Debt, and looks at three strategies for dealing with it, randing from the bad to the good.
  • LINQ to SQL changes in .NET 4.0 – Damien Guard talks about the changes and improvements that have been made to LINQ to SQL in the upcoming .NET 4.0 release
  • Developing Component-Driven Applications powered by IoC Containers – Rinat Abdullin talks about Inversion of Control and how introducing an IOC container can help you componentize your applications
  • ASP.NET MVC Training Kit – Mike Ormond highlights the availability of a training kit for ASP.NET MVC, including Demos, hands on labs and slide decks.
  • Mechanisms for Creating Tasks – ‘toub’ talks about some tricks you can do when working with creating tasks using the new System.Threading.Tasks.Task functionality of .NET 4
  • SOLID and DRY Part 2 – Jeremy Likness serves up the second half of his 2 part series on the SOLID and DRY principles, looking at the Interface Segregation Principle and Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
  • Software Development: Traditional or Alternative? – Philippe Destoop compares Traditional Waterfall software development with the more Agile techniques and Scrum, looking at how you can make a decision about the best one for you.