• SharpDevelop 3.1 Beta 1 – The Team over at ic#code announce the release of Beta 1 of SharpDevelop 3.1. Its been a while since I last used SharpDevelop, but this release with a fully featured profiler included is certainly something I’m going to be checking out
  • CodeRush Xpress for C# and VB is Live! – Dustin Campbell shares teh news that DevExpress have released an updated CodeRush Xpress which now supports both VB.NEt and C# providing numerous refactoring and productivity improvements for developers on both platforms.
  • All-In-One Code Framework : 2009-5-10 release of All-In-One Code Framework – ‘colbertz’ shares the news of the latest release of the All-in-one code framework which provides sample implementations of a vast array of Microsoft Technologies. This new release brings 16 more samples ranging from integrating with Outlook to printing from Winforms applications



  • Alt.Net UK Conference 2009 – After some problems yesterday with opening the registrations for the UK Alt.Net Conference, registrations will open today at 13:00 BST