• FluentNHibernate Contrib (FNH.Contrib) Is Alive! – Derick Bailey announces the release of FluentNHibernate Contrib, a library which brings a fluent style interface to the NHibernate Criteria API. This project has been kept separate from FluentNHibernate (which has a fluent interface for the configuration of NHibernate) to avoid introducing a new changing API into the main project. The Contrib project is looking for further contributions of other related code.
  • NCover v3.1 unveiled! Bad code flees! – NCover announce Version 3.1 of NCover, their first major update to the Version 3 series. This release includes a bunch of new features based on feedback from the 3.0 release, along with a few changes and bugfixes.
  • New release of the Ajax Control Toolkit – Bertrand Le Roy announces a new release of the Microsoft Ajax Control Toolkit which adds three new controls, a HTML Editor control, a ComboBox, and a colo(u)r picker