• MbUnit 3 RTM – Andrew Stopford shares the news that MbUnit latest release is the RTM release of Version 3, which is a substantial upgrade from Version 2
  • Rhino Queues, Take 6 – Ayende announces the public availability of the first version of Rhino Queues, a queuing system written with a a number of design goals relating to simplicity and compatibility
  • ASP.NET MVC MonoDevelop Addin Preview – Microsoft have made ASP.NET MVC open source, and already within days the Mono project have support for ASP.NET MVC projects inside MonoDevelop.
    Michael Hutchinson talks about the work he has done on brining this add-in to fruition.
  • It’s official, SharePoint Designer 2007 is now free – as in free (Reg-ware) – Greg Duncan highlights the Sharepoint Designer 2007, which is now released as a free product


  • MSDN Loband Rocks – Craig Andera highlights an update to the low bandwidth (simple HTML) version of the MSDN online documentation, which now allows you to set the lowband version as your default so you will have speedy documentation for ever!
  • Ten C# Keywords That You Shouldn’t Be Using – Justin Etheredge looks at some parts of the C# language that he considers that the average developer should have no use for, and therefore should not be using. Depending on the type of development you do you will either agree or disagree with this list
  • Linked Files in Visual Studio Solutions – Jeremy Jameson looks at one of the less well known Visual Studio Project File features, linked files, which allow you yo include and share files between parts of your solution
  • Anatomy of a Cross-site Request Forgery Attack – Phil Haack expores and explains the concepts of Cross Site Request Forgery, and looks at how these may work ASP.NET MVC, and also at how you can defend against such attacks. Phil then looks at similar problems and solutions for WebForms developers in his next post ‘CSRF Attacks and Web Forms
  • Framework Design Guidelines Book: Extra Content from the DVD Posted – Brad Abrams announces the availability of a download of the content which is included on the DVD that comes with ‘Framework Design Guidelines’
  • Rhino Tools: Rhino Security Guide – Artur Trosin takes a look at the Rhino Security library from Ayende