Its hard work wading through all the April Fools – hopefully none of these are jokes


  • WatiN 2.0 beta 1 – The WatiN team announce the first beta release of WatiN 2.0, featuring new and improved browser support including IE8 ad Chrome, running as a service with no interactive UI, and a whole bunch more
  • Firebug Lite – Scott Watermasysk highlights a useful bit of JavaScript that brings some of the functionality of Firebug to other browser platforms.
  • Database Versioning and Documentation Tool for Microsoft SQL Server – Henk Oberholzer announce the Version 4.1 release of MSSqlSchemaDoc his tool for Versioning and Documenting SQL Server 2005 and 2008 (with 2000 support coming soon) databases and producing HTML based documentation which can be turned into CHM help files
  • What’s New in CodeRush & Refactor! Pro 9.1 – Mark Miller talks about the new release of CodeRich and Refactor! Pro from DevExpress,a nd explains the new version number scheme
  • WCF Service Functional and Performance Testing Tool : WCFStorm – Erik Araojo announces the release of his very reasonably priced commercial tool for testing WCF based services which offers a number of useul looking features for both functional and performance testing of services. Free Trial version is also available