• DDD: Sample Application First Steps – Casey Charlton gets to work on the sample application for his DDD series, and in this post looks at the documentation to generate and some of the tooling used.
  • Beginning Mocking With Moq 3 – Part 1 – Justin Etheredge starts a series of articles on Mocking with Moq 3 which aims to target the beginner. This first part covers the basics of mocking, and future posts will add more details on the more complex mocking operations.
  • LINQ to NHibernate – First pass HQL parser – Steve Strong gives an update on the progress he’s been making on bringing Linq to NHibernate into being
  • Which Is More Beautiful Architecture – FP or OOP? – Matthew Podwysocki, prompted by the book “Beautiful Architecture: Leading Thinkers Reveal the Hidden Beauty in Software” looks at the beauty of two different development Architecture, Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming
  • Real Life – Code Reuse – Tim Barcz starts a series on Real life applications of principles, witha lookat some authenitcation code that was in violation of the single responsibility principle
  • Designing a document database – Ayende lays out a series of posts looking at the design of a document database as a series of questions he asked himself. This first post is a summary, and the series continues with Designing a document database: Storage – looking at the storage behind the database, and Designing a document database: Scale – looking at scaling the solution
  • Screencast: Dive Into ASP.NET MVC RC2 – Elijah Manor shares a acreen cast version of a recent closed group presentation on ASP.NET MVC RC2, looking at ASP.NET MVC vs WebForms and reviewing some the the changes in recent release, along with the construction of a demo application