Well, we all survived the weekend that Google Broke – although things are looking a little more terminal for Ma.gnolia. Due to their problems today’s edition of the Morning Brew is entirely hand crafted in a text editor using HTML!


  • ASP.NET MVC RC Refresh – Phil Haack announces an updated release of the ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate, containing some bugfixes and changes to help fix up breaking changes. This release is also included as a part of the Microsoft Web Platform Installer
  • StructureMap 2.5.3 is Released – and the future of StructureMap – Jeremy D. Miller announces the release of StructureMap 2.5.3, and outlines a little of how the project is going to progress in the future. It looks like Jeremy is going to take a step back, and utilise the small network of committers he has nurtured for the project.
  • Fresh Oslo Bits – Don Box highlights the latest CTP update of the Oslo and M SDK.
  • prism v2 – drop 10 (composite application guidance) – Erwin Van der Valk announces the latest ‘Drop’ release of the Prism Composite Application Guidance package. Drop 10 has seen improvements to the documentation, reference implementation and some bugfixes.