• Many-to-One mapping throwing a ObjectNotFoundException, and how to resolve it – Derik Whittaker highlights a very useful feature in NHibernate (introduced in v1.2 IIRC) which helps you deal with missing entities in Many to One relationships – this is especially useful if you have to interact with a legacy database which has less than ideal referential integrity.
  • Back To Basics: Mark and Sweep Garbage Collection – Abhinaba Basu continues his series on Garbage Collection with a look at the Mark and Sweep technique for identifying and removing items that are no longer required
  • jQuery 1.3 Cheat Sheet – Kris Thompson shares a nice JQuery 1.3 cheat sheet containing references for all functions and properties of the Core JQuery library
  • Students only – Get your hosted Windows Server for nearly NOTHING!! – FrankFi highlights an excellent offer which is a part of the DreamSpark programme for students (which entitles you to a huge amount of free software) allowing you to get a dedicated server from 1&1 at a significantly reduced rate.
  • Understanding the Binder – Part 1 – Aarthi Ramamurthy of the CLR team at Microsoft talks a little about the CLR Binder which is used to identify and load assemblies when supplied with their name
  • Functional Programming Unit Testing – Part 7 – Matthew Podwysocki move back to looking at refactoring in his latest post in his series on Unit Testing in Functional Programming Languages
  • VSTricks – Rory Becker highlights Scott Cate’s Blog where he has continued on from where Sara Ford left off with her visual Studio Tips series when it ended in December. A little over a year ago I was in a similar position to Scott, following on from a great series of posts by a well known name in the industry (In my case following on from the Daily Grind by Mike Gunderloy) Go Give him some support.
  • True Swiss don’t like mocks! – Gabriel Schenker explores the use of Mocks and Stubs in Test Driven Development looking at the differences between the two and showing them in use.
  • TDD: Test DRYness – Mark Needham talks about the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle in unit tests, and highlights a few techniques you can use to avoid repetition.
  • C# Single Instance App With Ability To Restore From System Tray (Using Mutex) – ‘devzoo’ shows two useful techniques, on using Mutex to prevent having two copies of an application open, and the other, minimising an application to the System Tray area in this Code Project article
  • Cool Delegates – Petar Vucetin explores in some detail the Action, and Func delegates with code examples of them in use.
  • F# and Haskell, Estranged Cousins – Rich Minerich explores the commonality between F# and Haskell, taking a trip back through their somewhat shared history to see where the similarities come from
  • For vs Foreach on arrays and lists – Jon Skeet shares his benchmarks for the different types of looping around arrays, along with the code for the tests and his benchmarking framework.
  • JSLint.VS – JavaScript Verifier for Visual Studio – Predrag Tomasevic shares an useful add-in for Visual studio that adds JS Lint Validation for your Javascript files inside the IDE.
  • 50% off All Manning Books for DZone Members – DZone have teamed up with Manning Publications to offer 50% off any purchase from the Manning books site. You will have to be quick though, the offer runs out on 3rd February


  • European Virtual ALT.NET Meeting on 02/02/2009 – Jan Van Ryswyck announces the first European Virtual Alt.Net Meeting, to be held on 2nd February 2009, starting 7pm GMT. Greg Young will be talking about Domain Driven Design for the event. I’ve been wanting to check these events for a while (having listened to the recordings of the US ones) and I’m really glad that the event has been scheduled at a time that is more suitable for the UK.