• Selenium: New Selenium Releases Today – The team behind Selenium, the web application browser testing framework announce the second beta release of version 1.0. A final release will be made once the documentation is up to date.


  • In search of Wild Repository – Mike Hadlow explores a few different implementations of the Repository in the wild (open source software) with a look to identifying common and best practices in their implementation and interfaces.
  • How would the CLR Be Different? – Matthew Podwysocki explores the question ‘given what you know now, what would you have done differently if you were constructing the CLR?’
  • Open Generic Types in StructureMap – Jeremy D. Miller demonstrates how StructureMap supports Open Generic Types with an illustrating real world example.
  • Hardcoding Considered Harmful – or is it? – Jeffrey Palermo talks about the (bad?) practice of hard coding values in your code, and asks if this is really a bad thing
  • Making the Entity Framework Fit Your Domain – Part 2 – Justin Etheredge continues his series on fitting the Entity Framework into your real domain model. In this part Justin looks at how he actually got the domain model working with EF and explores some of the interfaces and code he needed to provide.
  • Custom Configuration Sections for Lazy Coders – John Whitmire constructs an increasingly feature rich custom configuration section handler including read write access to the config
  • Not more excuses of missing indexes with Activity Monitor in SQL Server 2008 – Bill Ramos give a visual tour of the new Activity Monitor in SQL Server 2008. This looks like it is really good, offering suggestions for indexes and making it much easier to identify bad queries.
  • How to Copy an Assembly From the GAC to the File System – John W Powell looks at three ways you can actually obtain the real DLL of the libraries in the GAC, working around the Windows Explorer special view you get for the c:\windows\assembly directory.
  • Timeout Workaround – Andrew Conrad of the Astoria Team talks about the recommended work around for a bug in the ADO.NET Data Services which should help you avoid problems when the actual issue gets fixed.
  • XAML guidelines part 3 – Jaime Rodriguez shares his XAML guidelines documentation which includes common and best practices and views from multiple developers. Jamie is clear that this is a work in progress so is very open to hearing suggestions of other things that should be covered.
  • Vulnerability of the Dynamic┬áLinq – Rinat Abdullin talks about the dangers of allowing your users to run arbitrary queries (in this case Linq), and how you can help defend your application from the potential problems when you do need to to allow this.
  • Fluent NHibernate: Mapping private and protected properties – James Gregory continues his exploration of Fluent NHIbernate looking at 3 techniques for mapping to private members with details of the Pros and Cons of each method.