• StructureMap 2.5.2 is Released – Jeremy D. Miller announces the release of Structure Map 2.5.2, an update to his IOC/DI framework containing a number of new features outlined in this post. Another nice feature of this post is Jeremy looking back at the development timeline of the product so you can see the level of effort that has gone into it.
  • Beta Release of Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 – The Sandcastle blog highlights the availability of a Beta release of the Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET 3.5 SP1, which contains a huge range of documentation and samples showing off a number of the new features. Available to download as an ISO image.
  • Topshelf – Dru Sellers announces his new project, based upon the MassTransit.Host project it is an extraction of the service hosting logic which provides a nice wrapper for the standard service related code, allowing you to get on with your implementation.


  • Why ASP.NET Developers Should Care about Windows Azure – Stephen Walther talks about why he believes that ASP.NET Developers should care about Windows Azure, how it takes care of a number of the difficult aspects of creating high traffic / performance websites, along with a number of other uses.
  • Open XML SDK… The Basics – Ali , a Developer on the Word team, gives an overview of the ideas behind the design of the Open XML SDK, and looks at how the API relates to the XML structure.
  • More OODB Crazy Talk – Rob Conery follows up on his recent Alt.NET Podcast appearance with some more information about Object Oriented Databases, and how they can be used.
  • Introducing the ASP.NET MVC (Part 6) – The View – Nick Berardi continues sharing the latest chapter from his upcoming ASP.NET MVC book, this time introducing the View.
  • Should my repository expose IQueryable? – Mike Hadlow argues for allowing IQueryable to escape from his Repositories to allow query execution to take place elsewhere
  • A Dissertation on .NET Properties – John Rudy looks into Properties in .NET exploring their use, the different types and how they are implemented in IL.
  • WCF 101 – Creating and consuming a basic WCF Service hosted in IIS – Tess Ferrandez runs through the steps of creating a WCF service hosted in IIS, from the creation of the project, through to consuming the service from another web page, providing a nice end to end run through of what is involved.
  • TestAPI Library Usage – ‘llester’ takes a look at the test scenarios currently supported by this library of helpers to assist in the testing of WPF/Winforms applications. Features currently include the ability to compare an area of the UI to a reference image, support for simulating input, a command line parser, and UI automation helpers. The TestAPI library is available from CodePlex and is still under development.
  • An Introduction to Native Concurrency in Visual Studio 2010 – Atilla Gunal gives an overview of the architecture of the concurrency features of Visual Studio 2010/.NET 4.0
  • F#: Partial Function Application with the Function Composition Operator – Mark Needham explores Function Composition in F#, illustrating with some examples from different well known names in the F# space.


  • Save The Videogame – ThoughtWorks Manchester GeekNights – The Manchester (UK) GeekNights organised by ThoughtWorks kick off again on Thursday 22nd January, with a talk entitled Save the Videogame, and a discussion on agile development practices for game development. These events have proved to be very interesting in the past and a great way of meeting other developers from across the North West.
  • Call For Speakers: DDD Ireland “ah go on!” – Craig Murphy highlights the opening of the call for speakers for the Developer Developer Developer Community Event to he held in Belfast on Saturday 4th April. Having attended this format of event a number of times in Reading I thoroughly recommend attending, and if you are attending why not speak at the event too!
  • – A new .NET User Group has formed in Gloucester, UK – if this is your neck of the woods, you may want to check this out – their first meeting will be occurring in February (ViaColin Angus Mackay