• SubSonic 3: Alpha Is Ready – Rob Conery announces that SubSonic 3 is ready for Alpha release. This release represents a lot of work, and contains a number of great features, especially LINQ support. As this is an alpha, Rob requests that your log any bugs you find in their bug tracker so they can be fixed. Rob is also asking the community for some help with infrastructure and support for the Subsonic Project.
  • Prism V2 Drop 7 Now Available – Bob Brum announces the latest drop of Prism the Patterns and Practices Composite WPF and Silverlight framework


  • Design and Testability – Jeremy D. Miller talks about his latest MSDN magazine article about Designing for Testability, and provides some more background and links to support.
  • Code Coverage : Use It Wisely – Karl Seguin looks at code coverage and how as a metric you have to be careful about the conclusions you draw.
  • Working with the ASP.NET AJAX Authentication Service – Mark Berryman of the ASP.NET QA Team talks about the authentication capabilities of the ASP.NET AJAX framework, and show show it allows you to create simple responsive forms based authentication
  • Changing Terms from Mocking Framework to Isolation Framework – Derik Whittaker picks up on Roy Osherove’s term ‘Isolation’ instead of mocking and explains why he considers it to be a good term to use. Greg Duncan follows up with an agreeing post
  • S#arp core overview – luisabreu takes a look at the S#arp project in this first part of a series article, exploring a number of the key concepts, interfaces and base classes of the framework.
  • Attributes are lousy decorators – Jimmy Bogard talks about .NET attributes, and how due to their design they lack the ability to have behaviour, and how that means they are not a particularly good implementation of the Decorator pattern.
  • Really Simple Testing for JavaScript – Bertrand Le Roy has constructed a simple Javascript testing framework for writing tests for any Javascript – this is really short and sweet code too, coming in at only 32 lines
  • LinFu.IOC 2.0 in Five Minutes (Part 1 of n): Fun With Attributes. – Philip Laureano starts a series of posts on Code Project about the LinFu Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection Framework. In this first part he explores the attributes offered by the framework, and shows how to use the container to instance types.