• ANTLR for C# Part 1: Installation – Mike Pagel starts a series on using ANTLR, a tool for generating lexers, parsers and abstract syntax trees from a grammar defined by you. This allows you to more easily implement your own languages, or parse and process existing languages. I started having a play with this stuff a while back, and this series may well encourage me to get back to it.
  • Windows Vista Sp2 / Windows Server SP2 – As Microsoft step up the tempo on Vista SP2 / Windows Server SP2 with a Customer Preview Program, Neil Hutson gives some details of what is included in this update with some links to more information.
  • Roadmap for WCSF – Blaine Wastell outlines what the plan for the future of the Web Client Software Factory is, with the next major release to be released in the Visual Studio 2010 timeframe,
  • Do Not Litter Your Code With Null Checks – Davy Brion responds to one of the posts linked in yesterday’s edition of the Morning Brew about defensive programming and the throwing of exceptions
  • Creating Temporary Passwords – Bring in da’ Func<T> – Tim Barcz gives a nice simple real world example of the .NET 3.5 feature Func<T> in use to generate passwords.
  • Controlling HTML in ASP.NET WebForms – The Polymorphic Podcast has an interesting episode about more closely controlling your HTML output when working with WebForms, and to accompany the podcast posted this nice article.
  • C# 3.0 + R# = Great Tests Readability – Sean Feldman goes to town with C# 3 features and Resharper features to make his test easier to read.
  • Short n’ Sweet NHibernate Sample – Tobin Harris has one of the shortest NHibernate Examples I’ve seen, and a great way of introducing people to NHibernate without too much clutter and confusion.
  • .NET Multicast Delegates – Cirilo Meggiolaro shows how you can combine delegates into multicast delegates and have a single event fire both events in sequence.
  • Mapping LINQ to F# – jaredpar shows the equivalent operations in F# to those introduced for Enumerables in Linq.
  • Catch the Security Flaw(s) #4 – Varun Sharma posts a nice concise illustration of a number of common security problems – try this one out on your colleagues to see if they get all 5.
  • Dec 2nd Links: ASP.NET, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Visual Studio, Silverlight/WPF – ScottGu puts together another of his all things Microsoft Web related link posts, containing a number of good resources.
  • How Do You Deal With Common Infrastructure Code For Multiple Projects? – Davy Brion talks about project structures and where the infrastructure stuff best sits, canvassing the community for opinions leads to some good comments on this post.