• Spell checker update 2.2 – The Visual Web Developer Team Blog announce the release of Spell Checker 2.2, a Visual Studio Add-in for VS2008 SP1 which adds spell checking for HTML Comments, ASP.NET Comments, along with comments in your code behind.
  • Create a Vista Gadget Using Visual Studio IDE (updated) – Alexey Prosyankin shares a Visual Studio Add-in and templates for creating Vista Gadgets more easily in Visual Studio. I’ve had a play with creating gadgets in the past, and this certainly looks a lot easier than the manual process.


  • Addicted To MEF – Part 2 – Justin Etheredge continues his series on the Microsoft Extensibility Framework with a look at the ability to point the framework at a folder and have it load in all exported items.
  • Try/Catch Performance – Jeff Certain takes a look at the performance impact of using exceptions for defensive coding rather than implementing your checks using normal programming techniques
  • Dealing With Rounding Errors in Numerical Unit Tests – Ade Miller looks at how xUnit allows you ro replace the equality comparison of Assert.Equals with your own method, and shows an implementation which allows for approximate numerical comparisons.
  • 24 ways – 24Ways, the advent calendar for web devlopers, returns for its 4th year, with daily web development articles leading up to Christmas.
  • Introduction to NHibernate, Part 1 – Ian Cooper starts an introductory series on NHibernate, in this first part he looks at the standard getting started topics, basic mapping, configuration and logging.
  • First Look At NHibernate Profiler – Davy Brion takes a first look at Ayende’s NHibernate Profiler with a nice overview of the functionality and plenty of screenshots.
  • T-SQL Anti-pattern of the day: comparing DATETIME field with date-only literal – arvindsh looks at one of the common problems of storing automaticly obtained dates from GetDate() when it comes to comparing them to plain dates, and shows a number of solutions to these problems.
  • A quick look at MEF with F# – Luis Diego Fallas explores the Microsoft Extensibility Framework using F# as his programming language
  • The UML Model Explorer – Skinner gives a screenshot based tour round the UML features of Visual Studio Team Systems 2010
  • Upgrading from SQL 2000/2005 to 2008 – Chris Koenig highlights a 490 page white paper detailing all the best practices steps for upgrading from SQL Server 2000/2005 to SQL Server 2008
  • Did you know… How to have user friendly URL using IIS 7.0 URL Rewrite module? – The Tips & Tricks for ASP.NET, IIS, and Visual Web Developer Blog walks us through using the IIS7 URL Rewrite module to create nicer URLs for your pages
  • Who Called Me? – Guy Kolbis shows how you can access the stack trace and individual frames from code to get information about who called your method.