Almost caught up with the backlog of posts, but Tomorrow may include a few more ‘older’ posts in a final push to get back to Zero unread items in my feed reader.


  • Announcing Isolator for Sharepoint with a free full license for bloggers – Roy Osherove announces TypeMock’s latest product, ‘Isolator for SharePoint’ which allows developers to unit test sharepoint code without having a Share point server, along with a competition for bloggers to get a free copy of the full Isolator product for a specific mention on their blog.
  • Packer for .NET 4.0.1 Released – Brennan announces the latest release of Packer for .NET a tool to minify (shrink) CSS and Javascript files to help improve download time of your pages.
  • Download Prism Drop 6 – David Hayden highlights the latest code release of Prism the Composite Application Guidance Application Block for WPF and Silverlight from Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices Team.