Back to the usual format today as I think the PDC deluge is coming to an end, still quite a large post but over the course of the week I’m hoping things will reduce back to the usual 1-12 links a day.


  • Where to Download "The Goods" for PDC 2008 – Habib Heydarian shares download links for most of the software given away at the PDC, so that those who weren’t fortunate enough to attend can still play with the toys (assuming you have enough bandwidth to download all this stuff – it came on a 160gb HDD at PDC!)
  • Visual Round Trip Analyzer released – Ed Glas highlights the release of a utility which uses NetMon to capture traffic from the network and analyse it for the purposes of improving performance of web applications.
  • NCover v3.0.5 Beta is now available – NCover release their 5th beta release of NCover 3.0, including a number of fixes and changes reported by beta users.