Yesterday marked what is being hailed as ‘The Dawn of the Third Age’ of computing at Microsoft, with the public announcement and release of Microsoft Windows Azure, taking Microsoft deeply into the world of Cloud computing.

As predicted yesterday, today’s edition of the Morning Brew is an absolute monster, with special sections dedicated to PDC specific content, Visual Studio 2010/.NET 4.0, Oslo, and of course Azure. In addition to this I’ve attempted to keep the core of the Brew, as despite what the Microsoft Community might think there were other things going on yesterday other than PDC, so Information and Sotware sections feature as usual


Microsoft Windows Azure


  • Oslo Developer Center – Micorosoft Code Name Oslo is the platform for Model Driven Applications, and yesterday its Developer Centre lauched. Here you can learn about the Oslo Framework, and the M language.
  • Oslo SKD – The CTP SDK for Oslo is also available now – this is a direct download link.
  • The Oslo Developer Center: Letter from the Editors – Chris Sells Kent Sharkey give the lowdown on the different parts of Oslo in this nice introduction
  • MODELS remixed. – The Connected System Division released their new website about Oslo yesterday.

Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4.0

  • Download details: Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 CTP – Microsoft have opened up the latest CTP of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 to the general public, although at a 7GB download and requiring 23gb of diskspace this Virtual Machine takes serious commitment. My download has just finished extracting and I’m hoping to fire it up later today!
  • 2010 Feature Preview for TFS : VSTS 2010 – David Starr shares his notes from the PDC session on Visual Studio 2010 features
  • Visual Studio 2010 – Ayende shares his first impressions of Visual Studio 2010, exploring (with screenshots) a number of the new features which will ship with 2010


  • Announcing the WCF REST Starter Kit! – Kent Brown announces the release of the Windows Communication Foundation REST starter kit on CodePlex. This release is a preview of what is to come in WCF 4.0, allowing you to try out the proposed features now.
  • Downloading jQuery – jQuery JavaScript Library – The latest release of JQuery now includes a release which is the Visual Studio documentation release of JQuery, showing the first influence of Microsoft on JQuery.
  • Practicing patterns : Prism V2 – Drop 4 – Erwin van der Valk announces the release of Prism Version2 Drop 4 on CodePlex. This update to the Composite Application Guidance package for WPF and Silverlight includes some features ported back from V1 and also a new form of composition called Top Down Composition.
  • Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Releases! – The Windows Embedded team announce the RTM release of Windows Embedded Standard 2009, the latest generation of Windows XP embedded
  • SubSonic MVC Addin Updated for Beta 1 – Rob Conery announces an update to his SubSonic MVC Addin which creates scaffold like MVC code for Linq to SQL data access, has now been updated to produce ASP.NET Beta 1 code.
  • What’s New for Performance Profiling Tools for WPF – I believe this is a new update to the Windows Presentation Foundation Profiling tools, a great looking (visually as you’d expect for a WPF product) and feature rich set of tools for working with and identifying performance issues in WPF
  • CodeRush Xpress announced and available – Julian M Bucknall, CTO of Developer Express announces the release of a joint venture with Microsoft. Code Rush Express is a free refactoring tool (drawing on functionality in Code Rush and Refactor! Pro) which works in all non-express edition Visual Studio, and best of all is FREE!
  • Announcing CTP2 of Microsoft project code name "Velocity" – Velocity, the Microsoft project to create a distributed cache has reached its CTP2 release, as announced at PDC yesterday. This new release has a bunch of really good sounding features including x64 support and a number of Availability and Performance related changes.
  • The GDR RC Is Here! – Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR has gone to release candidate, as announced by Data Dude at PDC