• ASP.NET MVC Beta Source Code Release – I forgot to include this one yesterday – the sources for ASP.NET MVC Beta are now available on CodePlex
  • Sneak Preview: Code Digger — The New Pex Experience – Nikolai Tillmann talks about a forthcoming feature of Pex which will examine existing code which has no tests and generate some tests by analysing the method. This looks really interesting, I can’t wait to try this out.
  • C# Yellow Book – Rob Miles and the University of Hull share a PDF book which is used as the basis of their first year programming course. This is a nice introduction to both programming in C# as a language.
  • CarTrackr – Sample ASP.NET MVC application – Maarten Balliauw shares a complete ASP.NET MVC sample application running on Beta 1, which makes use of a number of ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC features, best practices, etc.
  • Pex It: The File System, Abstraction, Mocking , Modeling – Jonathan de Halleux talks about how Pex can help with testing against the file system, looking at a implementation of the IFileSystem interface propsed by Brad Wilson which allows Pex to do its magic.
  • Caliburn: An Application Framework for WPF and Silverlight – Caliburn , a framework for developing WPF and Silverlight applications, which provides implementations of a number of common UI patterns has found a new home on CodePlex
  • Mass Transit – Part 2 of N – Tim Barcz continues his series looking at Mass Transit, an open source messaging system. In this part he looks at one of the supplied samples which come with Mass Transit.
  • AjaxWorld Talk: Building a Great Ajax application from Scratch – Brad Abrams provides a huge blog post which walks through the creation of them demo application he presented at AjaxWorld. Lots of screenshots along the way, and a download of the source for the demo application are included.
  • Almost IQueryable with NHibernate HQL – Tobin Harris looks at Linq’s IQueryable and NHibernate IQuery and attempts to find a middle ground when working with Hibernates HQL queries (as Linq for NHibernate is not finished yet)
  • View Model Inheritance – Torkel Ödegaard talks about how he is using inheritance between views to provide common functionality in views in a base view and have the individual pages views inherit from this to get the functionality.
  • Essential Visual Studio Tips & Tricks that Every Developer Should Know – Stephen Walther shares some simple tricks and tips for working in the IDE – most of them will probably be familiar to you, but its always worth checking, you never know what might save you some time.
  • Back to Basics – The Default Keyword in Generic Code – Gil Fink talks about one of the less well know parts of generics, the default keyword which allows an instance of a generic type to be obtained.
  • Different ways how to escape an XML string in C# – Mladen Prajdi? shows 4 different ways of escaping special characters in XML