• Three simple Rhino Mocks rules – Jimmy Bogard takes a look at the new Arrange, Act, Assert syntax of Rhino Mocks 3.5, finding that using this style his tests are less brittle and more expressive.
  • Agile Testing tools List – Roy Osherove shares a great list of testing related tools of all kinds – well worth a look as there are bound to be ones you’ve never heard of – shame they aren’t links, but its not hard to search for them once you have the name.
  • Using the RhinoAutoMocker that is part of StructureMap 2.5 – Derik Whittaker takes a look at the Auto Mocking container that is a part of StructureMap 2.5, allowing you to have mocked dependencies injected into your code automatically for testing.
  • Querying With NHibernate – Davy Brion explores the construction of complex queries in NHibernate using the criteria API, including looking at creating sub queries, and compares the underlying SQL to a hand crafted original.
  • Best practices for creating websites in IIS 6.0 – Omar AL Zabir gives a nice walk through the process of setting up a website in IIS6 – this is a useful reference for those who don’t do this type of thing regularly.
  • Isolator feature focus: Recursive Fakes – Roy Osherove shows off another of the more unique features of TypeMock Isolator – this looks really simple to use (and quite powerful).
  • Paging with NHibernate using a custom Extension method to make it ‘easier’ 🙂 – Stefan Sedich shares a class and extension method to help with paging through sets of data when using NHIbernate.
  • REMIX UK Sessions on the Web – Mike Taulty announces the availability of the slides and videos for the sessions are REMIX 08 UK – plenty of good content here, so well worth a look, especially if you weren’t able to attend the conference.
  • Free SQL Server Ebooks/Resources – Donabel Santos highlights 7 free SQL Server e-Books – I’ve linked to a couple of these before – but the rest are ones I’ve not seen.


  • developerFusion community relaunches – James Crowley announces the re-launch of Developer Fusion, a long running developer community site – I’ve been a fan of Developer Fusion for a long time, and the new look and feel, and functionality seem really good – well done, and good luck James.
  • Learn to use Castle Windsor: London October 23rd – A great free event if you are in or around London – Mike Hadlow and Gojko Adzic (both of whom I met at the Alt.NET UK Conference) will be talking about Castle Windsor, Dependency injection, and also delving deeper into the framework to look at some of the AOP-like things that can be achieved.
  • Win $500 for your WinForm application – John Kellar announces Telerik’s developer competition – If you are using their controls, and are able to send in screenshots then this is the competition for you. The competition will be judged by the community.