Thank goodness its Friday – its been a long week this week. Unfortunately the week ends on a sad note for me, as my friend and colleague Derek Fowler is leaving today to move down to the south of England – best of luck for the future Derek.

Another shorter than usual edition today – I’m still having problems reaching which is making it very difficult to get to the actual posts from my RSS reader. The problems looks to be caused by routing issues at my ISP, so hopefully will be resolved soon – I may do a special catch up edition this weekend if there is enough quality behind the links I can’t get to.


  • IServiceLocator a step toward IoC container / Service locator detente – Glenn Block announces the release of a new project on CodePlex based on an idea from the community and lot of community consultation, which aims to allow a common interface for accessing your IOC container of choice.
  • YUI 2.6.0 Released – Latest update to the Yahoo User Interface has been released with a few new controls, a few more controls that have moved out of beta, and a huge list of improvements and bugfixes.