Looks like the .NET blogging crowd have been busy this weekend…


  • A Graph Tree Drawing Control for WPF – A useful looking WPF library for drawing tree graphs with auto layout. I think the source code might be interesting reading for me as I’m trying to get into WPF.
  • QuickGraph 3.0 – Jonathan ‘Peli’ de Halleux has upgraded his Graphing library to C#3 and .NET 3.5, making changes to the API to take advantage of Extension methods and delegates
  • ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0 Alpha2 – ScrewTurn Software announce the release of the second alpha of their Free and Open Source Wiki Software
  • Released: CodeIt.Right Build 1.1.08262 – SubMain announce the release of CodeIt.Right 1.1, a major upgrade to their Static Code Analysis + Automatic Refactoring tool. This release brings in support for .NET 3.5 along with a host of other new features.