Typically, on a day where I’m aiming to be early the Ma.gnolia web service is broken again, meaning I’ve had to spend time manually wrestling with HTML(again)


  • SDEdit – Free Sequence Diagram Editor – Shahar Y highlights the availability of this free, open source, and feature rich tool for creating Sequence Diagrams.
  • – Karl Shifflett announces a new update release of his Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Add-In which generates WPF XAML code for common tasks
  • Release: IronSmalltalk v0.1 – SmallTalk joins the Iron family of languages with this first release of an implementation built on the DLR
  • StyleCop Plugin for ReSharper – Release: 0.0.14136 – An interesting sounding plugin for ReSharper, which allows StyleCop 4.3 to run as you type, meaning you will have warnings for rule violations available almost immediately. I’ve not tried this (yet) but I do wonder how processor intensive it will be.