As promised on Friday, today’s Brew is a bit of a monster – I always regret skipping a post on a UK Bank Holiday as the number of posts I have to wade through to put the next edition together is always massive, and today was no exception.


  • NHibernate 2.0 Final is out! – Ayende spreads the news that my favourite ORM has reached a final release of Version 2. This is great news, and it brings NHibernate on par with the Java Hibernate v3.2, so a whole host of new features to play with.
  • Json.NET 3.0 Released – James Newton-King announces the release of Version 3 of the Json.NET library, containing a bunch of new features, the most significant it the support for use in Silverlight, along with improvements to the LINQ support and the serializer.
  • Firebug 1.2 Released – John Resig announces the final release of the excellent FireFox extension FireBug 1.2 – If you don’t already have this and do any web development you really need this addon.
  • IIsManager – A nice looking Class Library to enable you to work with IIS 6 from .NET. This allows for creation and modification of websites, application pools and virtual directories, and looks like it could be really useful for deployment work.



  • ThoughtWorks geek night – reminder – Andrew Stopford promotes a relatively new event held in Manchester, where he will be talking on MBUnit as part of a double bill of talks. I’ve attended one of these events before and it was very interesting – I’m looking forward to this one one Wednesday