Monday is a Public Holiday in the UK, so in keeping with ‘brew’ tradition I will be skipping a post on Monday, returning on Tuesday with a bumper weekend round up, back at my normal early posting times. Have a good weekend one and all.


  • Ajax Control Toolkit released for .NET 3.5 SP1 – Bertrand Le Roy announces the release of an updated ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit which has been built against .NET 3.5 SP1, and includes a number of community patches and a new control.


  • ASP.NET Futures – Generating Dynamic Images with HttpHandlers gets Easier – Scott Hanselman takes a look at the new ASP.NET Generated Image and how it makes creating images dynamically so much easier. Scott gives a simple example, and looks at its use in ASP.NET and MVC.
  • Shared Source CLI 2.0 Internals Draft – Joel Pobar and Ted Neward have been working on updating the Shared Source CLI essentials book, and will be releasing it for free as an E-Book (and also in printed format). The draft version is available for download now, and should give you more than enough information on how the CLI works under the hood.
  • New ASP.NET MVC Videos and Tutorials – Sounds like Microsoft are pushing out the boat on the ASP.NET MVC site, with loads of new screencasts and tutorials, along with free chapters from a number of upcoming ASP.NET MVC books.
  • Basic intellisense – Ayende continues his series on code editing by looking at adding intellisense to his editor
  • Localize text in JavaScript files in ASP.NET – Mads Kristensen looks at a useful technique for localising strings in your JavaScript
  • How C# Array Initializers Work – Bart De Smet look under the covers at one of the language features many of us take for granted, looking down at the IL level to discover what actually happens when you use an array initializer.
  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data – Simple 5 Table Northwind Example – Matt Berseth runs through the new ASP.NET Dynamic Data by creating a simple example using everyone’s favourite database schema.
  • Exploring System.Web.Routing – Justin Etheredge looks at the System.Web.Routing functionality, originally part of ASP.NET MVC, that has shipped as a part of the .NET 3.5 SP1, allowing us all to easily create great URL structures.
  • StyleCop Addin – SharpDevelop gets StyleCop integration, allowing StyleCop to be invoked manually from within the IDE, or to be run as a part of the build process.
  • A very easy intro to Microsoft .Net Speech Synthesis (VB, C#, C++) – A very simple sample application showing how easy it is to get speech synthesis into your applications built on .NET 3.0+
  • LINQ to JSON – Mike Ormond takes a look at LINQ to JSON, one of the SilverLight 2 Beta 2 features, which allows you to query data retuned as JSON without needing to define classes for the data to be deserialised into.