Yesterday was Service Pack 1 day – I think every other post I read this morning was people telling me that, so I suspect the first few links won’t be that new to you…



  • Representing dependencies in code – Kirill Osenkov talks about dependencies in code, and how they can be represented – interesting reading.
  • A question of Scale – Ayende talks about when to scale and when not to scale, and the reasons to be wary of unnecessary scaling.
  • Introduction to D3DImage – A number of major new feature in WPF were included in the .NET 3.5 SP1, and D3DImage is just one of them – this article runs through all the getting started aspects of D3DImage
  • ASP.Net Load Testing and Optimization Toolkit – So you want to be a hero – A nice run down of 9 types of tool for performance and load testing and optimization, complete with recommended tools with a mini review.
  • .NET Framework Assistant – Julian M Bucknall highlights one of the new features of .NET 3.5 SP1 for users who use FireFox 3 – now you get a helper for click once applications!
  • ISO-11179 Naming Conventions – SQLDenis highlights the ISO-11179 standard for database naming conventions – might be worthy of consideration when creating coding standards documents.
  • C# Refcard Available – A nice Reference Card for C# created by C# MVP Jon Skeet, covers all the important areas.