• StructureMap 2.4.9 Preview Release is available – Jeremy D. Miller announces the availability of version 2.4.9 of StructureMap – which is a preview release of StructureMap 2.5 which introduces a number of new features (some of which were seen in the MVC Store Front screen cast with Rob Conery)
  • TargetProcess – Free 5-Users Community Edition Available – Target Process are giving away free for ever 5 user licenses for thei Agile Project management tool, with no restrictions on use
  • Subversion 1.5.0 Released – I’ve been holding off mentioning the latest release of SVN until there were windows tools released. This post gives links to all my favourite subversion clients.


  • Parallel Extensions for .NET – Mike Taulty starts experimenting with the Parallel Extensions for .NET, giving some introductory code samples to illustrate some of the functionality the framework provides.
  • Transparency in the design process – The Entity Framework team launch a new blog to go along with starting work on V2. They are planning to be very open about the design decisions they make, including exposing meeting notes and details of hallway discussions – should be really interesting to watch.
  • ASP.NET – Preventing SQL Injection Attacks – Schalk Neethling demonstrates the danger you are exposing yourself to if you don’t guard against SQL Injection. This is particularly relevant as yesterday I observed a number of automated SQL Injection attacks, and this morning while preparing ‘The Brew’ I’ve come across a few blogs that were ‘infected’ with some JavaScript as a result of the same SQL Injection Attack.
  • ASP.NET MVC Tip #7 – Prevent JavaScript Injection Attacks with Html.Encode – An while we are on the subject of injection attacks, Stephen Walther reminds us of the dangers of JavaScript injection, in this article its from an ASP.NET MVC point of view, however the principles apply to any web programming language/framework.
  • That whole, crazy var thing… – The var debate started by Jeff Atwood has started morphing into other areas now – This post discusses points raised in Johnathan Starr’s post linked yesterday.
  • Code Redundancy is NOT Bad – Part 2 – Jonathan Starr follows up his original post with some more details on the use of interfaces to aid unit testability
  • Automated Regression Testing: Why, What and How – Frank Kelly looks at the the idea of Regression Testing, and in particular the lowest effort variety, automated regression testing.
  • Dissecting Linq Expression Trees – Part 1 – Justin Etheredge starts a new series on how Expression Trees work in Linq.
  • Crashing WCF 3.5 JSON Services with DateTime.MinValue – Rick Strahl runs into problems with the WCF 3.5 JSON Serialisation behaviour when dealing with DateTime.MinValue and nulls. Interesting reading, and work around provided.


  • Microsoft ReMix UK 08 – Tickets for the Microsoft Remix UK 08 event in Brighton in September have gone on sale. Early Bird offer for the first 300 registrants s £239, rising to £349 subsequently