Another weekend slips by far too quickly. I have a few links left over from today which I wanted to read in more details before posting, so they may make it into tomorrow’s Brew.



  • Code Redundancy Is NOT Necessarily Bad – Jonathan Starr offers one of many responses I’ve seen this weekend to Jeff Atwood’s post ‘Department of Declaration Redundancy Department’ regarding the use of the var keyword. Lots and lots of interesting comments on Jeff’s original post (linked in this article)
  • Logging Without Using Castle Windsor and the Logging Facility – Casey Charlton looks at how you can log using Log4Net without using IOC. This is in response to comments on his earlier piece on logging using Log4Net and Castle Windsor (linked in this article)
  • Logging with Ninject – Matt Hinze looks at using NInject 1.0’s logging integration with Log4Net, in response to the posts that Casey Charlton has been making about Castle Windsor and Log4Net.
  • Objectively evaluating O/R Mappers (or how to make it easy to dump NHibernate) – Jeffrey Palermo looks at the adoption of Object Relational Mappers, along with loosely coupling to your data access to avoid future problems with a change in the technological winds.
  • Tour of MonoRail Series – Sean Chambers begins a new series on MonoRail. With all the hype surrounding ASP.NET MVC its very encouraging to see the community still embracing older Open Source implementations like MonoRail. In this first part, Sean looks at Helper Methods
  • 10 reasons why SQL Server 2008 is going to rock – Angry Hacker lists the 10 most exciting features of Sql Server 2008, and I thiknk I agree with most of them.
  • PERFORMANCE: IEnumerable<>.Sum – Rudi Grobler looks at the performance of the Sum Extension method, in comparision to other ways of calculating the sum using for, foreach and the ForEach method
  • Fork/Join parallelism with .NET CountdownEvent – Cristina Manu continues looking at the new types available in the Parallel Extensions framework, with a look at CountDownEvent which helps the developer in establishing when all the worker threads have completed their jobs.
  • C# Coding Practicies Guide – Chesnokov Yuriy offers a short but reasonably comprehensive coding standards document – a good basis for anyone preparing such a document for their organisation.