The world still seems to be shaking after Friday’s big buyout attempt.


SubSonic: 2.1 Beta Is Up – Rob Conery announces the latest beta – with plenty of new features outlined in the post, I won’t bother re-iterating them.

SQL Query Generator – First Release – A code generator to create a strongly typed version of a relational database. Also allows custom querying using a fluent interface to build the SQL

TypeMock Insulator 4.2 Beta Publicly Available – Paulo Morgado announces the public beta of Typemock/Insulator 4.2 (Update: 2008-02-04 15:30: Michal Geva from TypeMock has corrected me – The correct product name is TypeMock Isolator)

MS Deploy – New IIS Web Deployment Tool – Scott Hanselman introduces a new command line tool to deploy to the web.


Custom Username and Password Authentication in WCF 3.5 – Keyvan Nayyeri covers another new WCF feautre, allowing you to create custom authentication in .NET 3.5

Parallel Collection Operations – A technique for performing an action on a collection – in parallel.

When string.ToLower() is Evil – A performance tip about case insensitive string comparisons.

(Semi) Practical IronRuby – A quick sample of what is possible with IronRuby, DSL’s and the DLR. Micheal’s ‘getting started’ article (linked from this one) is also worth reading.

Blazing fast business object filtering. – Filtering collections of objects using an Indexable collection to improve performance.

Versioning Databases – Change Scripts – First of three posts this weekend in K. Scott Allen’s short series on database versioning.

Versioning Databases – Views, Stored Procedures, and the Like – Drop and recreate is the simplest method – however watch out for security permissions on objects as they get lost when you drop.

Versioning Databases – Branching and Merging – The final part in this series by K. Scott Allen


MIX08 – ScottGu drums up support for MIX08 in Vegas