• Nullable micro-optimization, part two - Eric Lippert continues discussions of the performance optimisations in the C# compiler surrounding the use of GetValueOrDefault over Value, taking us on a journey through Lifted Functions, and how they are implemented in the C# Compiler
  • When is a reference a reference? - David Starr discusses the concept of References in C# and discusses how his team should go about counting the references of a specific type, looking at a number of the different varieties of reference you can encounter.
  • Job scheduling in Windows Azure - Sandrino Di Mattia takes a look at the use of the Windows Azure Job Scheduler, part of the Windows Azure Mobile Services, and look at putting it to use to keep a Windows Azure Website alive by making requests to it on a schedule.
  • MiniProfiler - Installation and Setup & Elmah - Karl Stoney takes a look at two great Web application debugging and diagnostic tools, exploring their installation and use in these two CodeProject articles
  • Finding Memory Leaks in .NET Compact Framework Applications - Jesse Taber shares some lessons learnt from debugging memory leaks in an application running on the .NET Compact Framework, highlighting some useful tools, patches and practices.
  • JavaScript var hoisting - Joseph Donley discusses one of the more confusing aspects of the JavaScript language, its handling of declared variables in different scopes
  • Backbone.js Tutorial: List Views - Alex Young is part way through a tutorial series taking a look at building some real application functionality using Backbone.js - the tutorial is backed with a GitHub repository with coordinated commits allowing you follow along with the real code as it grows.