Tomorrow is New Year’s Day – a public holiday here in the UK, so as usual The Morning Brew will be taking a break, returning on Wednesday. I will also be doing a (shorter than usual) year in review post at some point either today or tomorrow – In the meantime, all that remains is to wish you all a very happy new year, and to thank all the authors of posts included in the past year’s Morning Brew 🙂


  • TypeScript Templates for Windows 8 – Chris Sells discusses the process of converting the Windows 8 JavaScript application templates to TypeScript, sharing the results which provide an easy head start to working with TypeScript to create Windows 8 Store Applications
  • Creating a complete ASP.Net MVC 4.0 application with Visual Studio 2012, C# , EF 5.0 (Code First) – part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4 – Nikolaos Kantzelis is four parts into a step by step walkthough series of posts looking at the construction of an ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application making use of C# and Entity Framework 5, with Razor view and a smattering of JavaScript and CSS.
  • Logging – Garry Shutler discusses one important thing he learnt this year, the importance of good logging in your applications, discussing a number of best practices for logging in your applications that are applicable regardless of language or framework.
  • Task Parallel Library and async-await Functionality – Patterns of Usage in Easy Samples – Nick Polyak shares a long and detailed article looking at the Task Parallel Library and Async / Await functionality, showing where and how you can and should apply these techniques illustrating with plenty of example pieces of code.
  • 12 TDDs of Christmas – John Cleary is half way through his 12 days of Test Driven Development series with a different Kata exercise being done every day – a great idea and a good way to get back into the swing after a long Christmas break.
  • using MVC Navigation Routes in Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC4 – Eric Hexter continues discussion of his Twitter.BootStrap.MVC4 NuGet Package which brings the power of Twitter’s Bootstrap library to ASP.NET MVC in a nice integrated way. In this post Eric discusses how adding routes to your application can automatically populate your Bootstrap navigation.
  • Building a better .NET Application Configuration Class – revisited – Rick Strahl revisits the old chestnut of Configuration, and particularly providing strongly typed configuration via web.config, sharing a configuration library which he recently separated from his West Wind Web Toolkit and is now sharing as its own module on GitHub.
  • Build Patterns: Script Injection – Roy Osherove shares another post on Build Patterns, discussing the separation of the CI build process into a CI side and a version controlled side, allowing you to build different versions of your applications from CI without configuration changes.
  • Nancy and returning a pdf – Christiaan Baes continues exploring the NancyFx web framework, this time taking a look at building and returning PDF Content for a request.
  • What happens to Windows 8 Apps already Installed with a Current Expired Developer License? – Michael Crump highlights a gotcha that is likely to strike a number of people as developer licenses expire – thankfully its a really easy ‘fix’