At last Vista SP1 is on its way - maybe now I’ll be able to copy files quickly!


DnDns - A .NET DNS Client Library (Resolver) - J. Montgomery releases a library to perform DNS lookups

LightSpeed 1.2 Released - MindScape announce the latest release of their ORM software

As Windows Server 2008 RTMs, Customers and Partners Adopting with Help of New Tools, Training - Windows 2008 hits the RTM status.

Announcing the RTM of Windows Vista SP1 - The title says it all, and as a Vista user it couldn’t happen soon enough.

Axosoft PureChat - Axosoft release a .NET based web chat tool - introductory prices are in play, with a 5 operator license for only $5, and unlimited license at $99

More Web Controls - jQuery - Mike gives us an easy way to add JQuery to our pages


Are pre-defined release dates bad for Quality? - Adam Goucher debates the effect of fixed dates for releases on the quality of software.

Back to Basics: Count, Count, Count, Sum or how to Count - Everything there is to know about the SQL COUNT function - well worth knowing

Build Providers: Strongly typed page urls in ASP.NET - Dave Transom talks about a way of managing the URL’s within your code using a Build Provider.

Antlr 3 and the Dynamic Language Runtime - Dermot Hogan talks about getting started with the DLR

7 ways to do Performance Optimization of an ASP.NET 3.5 Web 2.0 portal - Tanzim Saqib explores the possibilities for improving performance of Web 2.0 style sites.

Ruby.NET is dead - IronRuby, the DLR, and the might of Microsoft win out as Ruby.NET gets an end of life announcement


Proceedings of Alt.Net.Uk Conference - London 2nd February 2008 - altnetpedia - The write up of the UK ALT.NET Conference continues in a collaborative fashion. Interesting stuff in here.