• Running multiple ASP.NET Web API pipelines side by side – Filip W takes a look at getting two (or more) ASP.NET Web API projects running through the same ASP.NET Web API pipeline
  • .NET Core RC2 is out and where do we go from here – Hrvoje Hudoletnjak discusses the significance of the RC2 release .NET Core, looking at the various new features and stories that this release and the new framework support
  • How To Specify Framework When Running ASPNET Core Apps – Steve Smith discusses the use of Compiler directives to allow you to have specific code for different Framework versions in ASP.NET Core / .NET Core projects, and also highlights how to make them run by telling IIS Express or the dotnet runtime which version you want to use
  • The week in .NET – 5/24/2016 – Bertrand Le Roy shares this week’s edition of The Week in .NET complete with last week’s On.NET interview with Miguel de Icaza, a look at the Math.NET Symbolics project as well as sharing a good collection of links about all aspects of .NET
  • Builder: C# – Ted Neward takes a look at the various implementation possibilities for the Builder Pattern
  • The Plain Simple Password Page Not So Simple Anymore – Dino Esposito discusses some basics of password management in ASP.NET applications
  • Reset Entity Framework migrations – Morten Anderson shares a simple tip which allows you to reset your Entity Framework Migrations, and start over with an initial migration which has your current data model in it.
  • How to Build a Search Page with Elasticsearch and .NET – Ryszard Seniuta takes a look at the use of ElasticSearch from a ASP.NET Web API application to implement a full featured search function for an application, starting from the first principles of getting ElasticSearch set up
  • Full-Text Search: PowerShell meet Lucene – DOug Finke builds on a presentation from Bruce Payette which looked at using Lucene.NET from within PowerShell, with Doug adding a GUI to allow you to perform indexed searches over files.