• Announcing incremental release for Azure Stack Technical Preview 1 – The Microsoft Azure Team announce the release of an updated technical preview of Azure Stack which includes improved deployment and operational performance for VMs, improvements to the portal and updates to the Desired State Configuration and Docker.
  • NuGet 3.4 Known Issues – Jeffrey T. Fritz highlights a known issue in the latest release of NuGet which can cause the NuGet extension to not search for packages, and the teams plans to address this and a couple of other issues with an update
  • ReadableExpressions Debugger Visualizers now in the Visual Studio Gallery – Steve Wilkes announces the availability of his ReadableExpressions Visualizers on the Visual Studio Gallery, which provide the ability to view EXpression Trees in the debugger in a more readable format.


  • ASP.NET Community Standup – April 5th, 2016 – Post BUILD – The video for the latest ASP.NET Team community Standup which occurred live yesterday is available – this edition includes lots of answers to questions about the announcements at Build, and discussion of the status of the various parts of the ASP.NET and .NET frameworks
  • The week in .NET – 4/5/2016 – Bertrand Le Roy shares this week’s edition of ‘This week in .NET’ with the usual mix of news and articles of interest to those working on .NET related technologies, as well as a look at AutoFac as the Package of the Week.
  • TypeScript 2.0 Preview – David Iffland discusses the announcement of some of the new things which are coming in TypeScript in the coming months
  • String format – Kingcean discusses the use of String.Format to produce composite format strings, looking at an implementation of the method from first principles.
  • Microsoft Build 2016 Recap – Matt Netkow shares his highlights of the Build 2016 announcements.
  • Visual Studio ’15’: Installing Just What You Need – Cathy Sullivan discusses the improved installer in Visual Studio ’15’ and discusses the bundles of features that make up the installers easier way of choosing what to install.
  • Contest: Get Answering on Stack Overflow – Chris Hardy discusses changes to how Xamarin engage with developers to support them in their use of the Xamarin Frameworks, and announces a competition based on StackOverflow answers
  • Automatically create and publish a NuGet package using VSTS – Mauricio Avilés Diaz walks through the process of configuring a build and publish of a NuGet Package to allow you to more easily share software components within your organisation, making use of the features of Team Services.
  • Survey Report: Who is the .NET Developer of 2016? – Nora Georgieva shares the results of Telerik’s Developer Survey, discussing what it is to be ;’the .NET Developer of 2016′.
  • Doesn’t pairing cost twice as much? – Eric Gunnerson discusses the use of Pair programming and some of the common reasons for (and arguments against) its use.