• Benchmarking .NET code – Scott Hanselman discusses benchmarking and takes a look at Matt Warren and Andrey Akishin’s work on BenchmarkDotNet, a simple to use benchmarking framework
  • The cost of routing in NancyFX – Ayende continues his series of posts looking at the performance of routing, responding to a reader suggestion to take a look at the NanctFX routing engine’s performance.
  • Port/Adapter/Simulator: read-only and write-only dependencies – Eric Gunnerson discusses the use of the Port / Adapter / Simulator pattern in developments where some of the dependencies are read only such as fetching information feeds, or write only such as emailing a user
  • Throwing things in C# – Bill Wagner – Bill Wagner takes a look at throwing things other than exceptions as is allowed by the C# language and poses a little puzzle at the end of the piece with the answer to follow.
  • Arrow functions vs. bind() – Dr. Axel Rauschmayer takes a look at the two approaches to ensuring that ‘this’ is the thing you think it will be in ECMAScript code.
  • Typescript Language Primer – Justin Buchanan shares a nice introduction to the TypeScript language giving plenty of code examples of the different features of the language
  • System.Uri in .Net 4.5 and un-escaping – Xiang Fan takes a look at a change in behaviour in .NET 4.5 with the decoding of URIs, sharing a reproduction, links to the connect bugs and a hack to workaround the issue.
  • Logic Apps Preview Refresh released – Jeff Hollan announces the latest update to the Logic Apps preview bringing with it improvements to the design, deploy and manage experiences based on feedback from users, along with native webhook support.
  • Round room – Eric Lippert continues his series looking at the Zork engine, and his reimplementation of it in OCaml, continuing looking at reading strings