• Announcing TypeScript 1.8 Beta – Bowden Kelly announces the release of the first beta of TypeScript 1.8, available for Visual Studio 2015, via NuGet, npm and as a direct download. This version adds improved JSX support, syntax highlighting in VS2015 and improved compilation performance using ChakraCore
  • AutoMapper 4.2.0 released – Jimmy Bogard announces the release of AutoMapper 4,2,0 which includes the new instance based API (replacing the now obsolete static API), along with mapping to Dynamic, expando and dictionary types, translation of expression and queryable types from source to destination types.
  • Automatically Evaluating Compressibility – Eric Lawrence highlights a useful plugin extension for Fiddler which makes it easier to evaluate improvements to compression that are possible across multiple requests which make up the page and its resources.
  • A long overdue status update – Alexander Schmitz gives an update on the jQuery Mobile project and the long time coming 1.5 release, a beta of which is approaching readiness.
  • Apache Cordova development lands on Visual Studio Code – Ryan J. Salva announces the release of tooling to bring Apache Cordova development to the Visual Studio Code editor, making cross platform mobile development even easier with lighter weight tooling.
  • Marten Takes a Big Step Forward with v0.6 – Jeremy D Miller announces the 0.6 release of Marten, a project which seesk to turn Postgresql into a document database for .NET Developers