• .NET Framework 4.6.1 is now available! – The .NET Team announce the RTM release of .NET 4.6.1 which includes improved security features, WPF enhancements, SQL Connectivity improvements, along with updates to the core RyuJIT, Garbage collector and WPF and WCF frameworks.
  • Visual Studio Update 1 RTM – John Montgomery announces the RTM release of Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, and highlights the late additions to the release from the post Release Candidate timeframe.
  • VS 2015 Update 1 and TFS 2015 Update 1 are available – Brian Harry highlights the TFS 2015 Update 1 release along with providing link to the release notes for both Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server Update 1
  • What’s New in Visual Studio Update 1 for .NET Managed Languages – Kasey Uhlenhuth takes a look at what is new in the Visual Studio Update 1 release for developers in the Managed Languages, looking at editor features, the return of the interactive window, code analysis and Roslyn.
  • Improvements for C++ Edit and Continue in Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 & Coroutines in Visual Studio 2015 – Update 1 – Ramkumar Ramesh & Eric Mittelette share a look at what is new for C++ developers in the Visual Studio 2015 update 1 release
  • NuGet 3.3 Release – Jeffrey T. Fritz and the NuGet Team announce the release of Nuget 3.3 with an improved Visual Studio user interface, improved content files support and support for Bower packages.
  • Announcing TypeScript 1.7 – Gaurav Seth announces the new release of TypeScript included in the Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 release which adds support for async and await by default for ECMAScript 6 targets, ECMAScript 2016 proposed exponentiation syntax, polymorphic this typing support.
  • NEW UPDATE: VS Code is now Open Source! – Ed Price highlights the GitHub repository for Visual Studio Code, and encourages you to get involved with this newly open source project.
  • Announcing the Azure SDK 2.8.1 for .NET – Brady Gaster highlights the release of the Azure SDK 2.8.1 for Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015, including a re-engineering of the AppService tooling, project template updatesand improved rest API client generation with AutoRest.
  • Announcing PowerApps with Azure App Service – Scott Hanselman announces the new Azure PowerApps feature in private preview – a way for business folks to build applications on the Azure App Service


  • The dedoublifier, part one – Eric Lippert takes us on another fabulous adventure in coding with a look at the double type, and exploring how to get the fraction out of a double type value, and exploring some C#6 code shortening features along the way
  • What’s New in C# 6 – Paulo Morgado gives a nice rundown of the various new language features in C#6
  • Working With Typed Headers in ASP.NET – K. Scott Allen takes a look at the ASP.NET 5 Typed HTTP Header support allowing you to work with HTTP headers in a more strongly typed way
  • Optimizing Marten Part 2 – Jeremy D Miller shares the follow on from a previous post discussing optimisation of document database like queries run against Postgresql under the Marten project.
  • What Developers Need to Know About Docker – Paul Ballard shares an overview of the concepts behind Docker Containers, a technology which is of increasing importance for .NET developers with the plans to adopt them on Windows.