• OpenSSH for Windows Update – Steve Lee gives an update on the progress bringing OpenSSH to Windows by working with NoMachine to update their port, and have now released the code as open source


  • Inferring from "is", part one – Eric Lippert shares the first post in a series further exploring the use of the is keyword in conjunction with conditional code, and lookign at why we still need to cast inside the conditional code.
  • Upgrading from ASP.NET 5 Beta 7 to Beta 8 – Shawn Wildermuth shares his nots on upgrading a project from ASP.NET 5 Beta 7 to the newly released Beta 8
  • Moving to the new SymbolSource engine – Marcin MikoÅ‚ajczak highlights the new SymbolSource service , running as a new repository at a new address, so users wil need to update where they push their symbol packages to
  • Storyteller 3: Executable Specifications and Living Documentation for .Net – Jeremy D Miller discusses Storyteller 3, the all new version of this Acceptance Testing tool. In the post Jeremy discusses the features of Storyteller 3, along with some of the history and future roadmap for the tool.
  • Remote versus Co-located Work – Martin Fowler discusses the different models for building teams, distributed and co-located, sharing his thoughts on each type.
  • Why is there a "temporal dead zone" in ES6? – Dr. Axel Rauschmayer discusses the concept of the ‘Temporal Dead Zone’ in ECMAScript6 the cause of ReferenceError between the time of the creation of a variable’s binding and its declaration
  • Making your web pages fast (part two) & Making your web pages fast (part three) – Julian Bucknall continues his series looking at web page performance, discussing the perception of performance, before moving on to looking at solutions to the types of performance problems we have.
  • The ASP.NET Apocalypse Is Coming – Khalid Abuhakmeh discusses what he calls the ‘ASP.NET Apocalypse’ about wider community support for ASP.NET 5, and the need for open source libraries to be modified to work against the new platform, or for new ones to be created.


  • Microsoft Connect (); // 2015 Developer Event Set for November 18-19 – Mitra Azizirad extends the invitation to the Microsoft Connect event bein held on the 18 and 19th November in New York, but streamed online also, with a great line up of MS Speakers including the Scot’s (Guthrie and Hanselman) along with Brian Harry, Amanda Silver, Anders Hejlsberg and Beth Massi