• Visual Studio Code – July Update (0.5.0) – & Visual Studio Code ♥ ES6 – Sean McBreen and the Visual Studio Code team announce the release of thir July Update, taking the version number to 0.5.0, This release includes lots of good features with perhaps the largest being support for ECMAScript 2016 (formerly know as ECMAScript 6), along with improved references support, and running Babel inside the IDE.
  • Team Explorer Everywhere 2015 RTM – Brian Harry announces the release of the Team Explorer Everywhere 2015 RTM including Project Rename features, and support for Build vNext, along with bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Welcoming the WorldWide Telescope to the Open Source .NET Universe – Martin Woodward of the .NET Foundation welcomes the Microsoft WorldWide Telescope under the wing of the .NET Foundation as the latest Open Source Project from Microsoft.