• NuGet 3.0 RC 2 Released – The NuGet Team announce the release of an updated Release Candidate release which refines a few of the features included in the original Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate build.
  • CodeRush for Roslyn (preview) – Mark Miller discusses the migration do DevExpress CodeRush over to using the Roslyn code analysis engine, discussing some of the improvements it enables, as well s the features they are implementing
  • WinJS 4.0 Released – Josh Rennert announces the release of WinJS 4.0 which adds in support for Windows 10 as well as the latest versions of all browsers. In addition the team have added wrappers for AngularJS, KnockoutJS and ReactJS which allow you to use WinJS with these libraries enabling Windows and Web applciations which use these frameworks to have access to the rich WinJS controls.


  • server status – The NuGet Team share an update on the recent service issues that has been experiencing, discussing the nature of the problems encountered as well as outlining what they will be working on to resolve the issues.
  • CSS3 Succinctly
    – ‘ihaynes’ highlights the latest free (registration required) e-book title from the folks over at SyncFusion. ‘CSS3 Succinctly’ is written by Peter Shaw and takes a look at the latest features of Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Don’t start with a monolith – Martin Fowler shares an article from Stefan Tilkov discussing whether to start with construction of an application as a monolith when you are aiming for something based around a Microservices Architecture ultimately.
  • Free eBook: Keeping Software Soft – Jason Roberts has released his ‘Keeping Software Soft’ eBook as a free title
  • Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC6 – Ed Charbeneau takes a look at the Dependency Injection capabilities of ASP.NET MVC 6, and how all the ASP.NET services have standardised on a common DI setup
  • Evolving ASP.NET Apps – Javascript – Simon Timms continues his series looking at modernizing a legacy ASP.NET Application, looking in this part at how to evolve the JavaScript code which makes up the frontend client side code.
  • Using and Debugging External Source Code Packages in ASP.NET 5 – Rick Strahl discusses the debugging support of the new DNX runtime, and how packages can be loaded as source or packages making it much easier to debug framework issues.