• WCF Client is Open Source – Ron Cain announces the open sourcing of WCF with a new project bringing a subset of WCF functionality to .NET Core


  • End-to-End Hypermedia: Making the Leap – Jimmy Bogard discusses the benefits of true REST APIs whcih make use of HyperMedia, but points out that in many cases the hypermedia aspects are overkill.
  • Porting an Angular 2.0 App to Aurelia – Rob Eisenberg takes a look at the process of porting an Angular 2.0 application to the Aurelia framework, providing a good look at how Aurelia does things, and where it wins out in simplicity / brevity.
  • Win10 apps in .NET- common library issues – Lucian Wischik shares the second part of a series looking at building Windows 10 applications with VB, although in this part shares some general information about known issues with common libraries which may catch you in the Visual Studio 2015RC
  • Packt Publishing Free Learning Library – Ricardo Peres highlights a great ‘book a day’ offer from the folks over at Packt Publisihing, where they are giving free access to a different title every day.
  • Create Node Task for Visual Studio Code – Steve Michelotti discusses getting the lightweight Visual Studio Code IDE to be able to execute Node.JS using the Task Runner functionality.
  • A Look at the Open Source JustDecompile Engine – Michael Crump takes a ‘getting started’ look at the newly open sourced JustDecompile Engine, walking through getting started with the code bas and making a simple change.
  • Talk: architecture for a connected device+cloud app – Lucian Wischik shares slides and transcript of a talk about building connected applications which do not fall over when the user loses network connectivity.