• Wizards and warriors, part four – Eric Lippert continues his series looking at the use of the type system to model situations, and explores the use of dynamic to implement double dispatch
  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: Indexer Initializer Syntax – James Michael Hare shares another of his little wonders series with a look at the new Indexer Initializer syntax in C#6 which while seemingly similar to the previous collection initializers for things like dictionaries actually works differently under the hood.
  • DDD – Special scenarios, part 1 – Gabriel Schenker continues this series of posts looking at Domain Driven Design, sharing a look at how DDD can be used to solve two different specific scenarios
  • Restival Part 3: Hello, World! – Dylan Beattie continues his series looking at the building of RESTful services using different frameworks, following on from last times look at routing with a look at default parameters for routes in the different frameworks,
  • Getting Started with Aurelia and TypeScript – Rob Eisenberg shares a post from Mike Graham which looks at the use of TypeScript with Aurelia
  • Implementing a content security policy with NWebsec, Azure Table Storage and Raygun – Troy Hunt takes a look at using Content Security Policy to restrict where a web page can make requests to, meaning that if the site is compromised with XSS then there is a limit on what the site can actually do in terms of connecting to other services.
  • Link and Script Tag Helpers in MVC6 – Dave Paquette shares a more detailed look at the Script and Link Tag Helpers in ASP.NET MVC 6 which provide Globbing, CDN and CacheBusting features.