I sorted out a post numbering snafu on the previous two posts this morning, and am resuming with the correct numbering today, making this 1846 – so don’t panic if you didn’t see 1845.


  • A Simple Nowin F# Example – Mike Hadlow follows on from his previous post on building web applications usin OWIN and F# with a look at using the Nowin open source implementation rather than the Microsoft OWIN libraries
  • Time Travel in C# – Rob Miles discusses thebenefits of wrapping up environemental things which my may need to manipulate to test your code.
  • Comparing date range handling in C# and F# – Tomas Petricek shares a look at re-writing a function from reasonably functional C# into F#, and highlights some of the language features he finds particularly appealing in F#
  • Types of CQRS – Vladimir Khorikov discusses why he believes that the use of CQRS is not a binary choice, and that there are a spectrum of possible implementations.
  • Languages features in C# 6 and VB 14 – Mads Torgersen shares a useful reference of what was implemented and when in the C#6 and VB.NET 14 implementations
  • When Should You Return 404 instead of 403 HTTP Status Code? – Max McCarty discusses the inadvertent disclosure of information caused by returning certain response codes, discussing the use of 404 responses over more descriptive 403 Forbidden responses.
  • Hardening IIS Security – AJ Kumar highlights a number of things you can do to better secure your IIS based web servers