Update: So, the numbering slipped, and this post was incorrectly labelled as 1843 when it should have been 1844 – I’ve corrected the number but the links will remain



  • Long division, part two – Eric Lippert picks up a theme from a post from several years ago, and looks at why the compiler gives an error when rounding a division of an integer by another number, discussing how the underlying problem is often missed by developers.
  • Little Puzzlers – Largest Square of ‘1’s in a Matrix – James Michael Hare sets another of his little puzzlers, this time about identifying a efficient (performance wise) way of finding the largest square of 1’s inside a matrix
  • Using Basic Authentication in ASP.NET WebAPI – Robert Muehsig takes a look at using Basic Authenticiation to protect a Web API based API, giving an overview of the theory and looking at its implementation with the Web API using Attributes
  • Using RequireJS with Visual Studio – Jordan Matthiesen shows how you can make use o Require.js to modularise your JavaScript applications while still getting good support from the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Parsing command line arguments with F# – Jef Claes takes a look at parsing of command line arguments in F# to allow him to port one of his first Node.js applications to F#
  • Rx Challenge #6 Solution – Bnaya Eshet shares his solution for his 6th Reactive Challenge, making use of a WeakObserver to weaken the reference to the subscriber.
  • Visual Studio 2013 continuously repairs producing many small log files – Heath Stewart highlights a work around for an annoying issue with Visual Studio generating many 10’s of Gigabytes of MSI log files in the Temp Directory – I’m experiencing this issue so hopefully this workaround will solve my problems.