• C#/.NET Little Wonders: Static Using Statements in C# 6 – James Michael Hare shares another of his Little Wonders series looking at changes in the C# language exploring the ‘using static’ keywords which allows you to import static members of a class into the current namespace.
  • DDD revisited – Gabriel Schenker revisits another topic with a nice overview piece on the concepts and application of Domain Driven Design
  • Visual Studio 2015 Custom Window Layouts
    – Joe Mayo shares a look at the Custom Window Layouts features of Visual Studio 2015 making it much easier to get your tools windows in the correct locations and keeping them there.
  • The AngularJS and TypeScript Cheat Sheet – Jeremy Likness discusses the use of AngularJS and TypeScript to create Single Page Applications, sharing a two page cheat sheet of common syntax with examples.
  • Super fast way to extract width/height dimensions of PNG and JPEG images – Nathan Evans discusses determining image dimensions from the file without decoding the whole image into memory, sharing some F# coded which provides a service to do this for PNG and JPG images.
  • Advanced breakpoints – Cellfish highlights a useful feature of the Visual Studio Debugger which allows you to print messages when breakpoints are hit instead of halting flow.
  • An introduction to the ASP.NET 5 Generic OAuth Provider – Jerrie Pelser takes an introductory look at the general OAuth provider in ASP.NET5, discussing the OAuth Flow before looking at configuring the provider to work in your applications.
  • Basic OWIN Self Host With F# – Mike Hadlow takes a look at building a Self Hosted OWIN Service inside an F# based console application, walking through the process of building a simple service.